Brooklyns Finest ( 2009 ) BluRay - 480p x264 - luv7676

Language: English
132 min | 848 x 352 | 23.98 fps | Mkv | AAC - 128kbs - 48KHz - Stereo - 5.1 | 1.2 GB
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama

InBrooklyn, amid drug deals, violence, casual racism, poverty, housingprojects, and corrupt cops, we follow three officers: Tango,African-American, working undercover, believing hes earned a promotionto a desk job but told he has to set up the bust of an ex-con who savedhis life; Sal, wholl commit murder to get cash to buy a house bigenough for his family; and, Eddie, the precincts oldest beat cop, aweek to go before retirement, assigned to mentor an earnest rookie. Canthis end well for any of the three

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