Damon Blows America 5 - New Orleans

Year: 2003

Country: USA

Genre: Oral, Group, Cum shots, Interracial

Duration: 59:43

Directed by: Paul Morris

Studio: Treasure Island Media

Starring: Damon Dogg, Brad McGuire, Tom Sawyer, Kole Michaels, Jesse O'Toole

Description: DAMON BLOWS AMERICA 5 is yet another installment in this series of cocksucking-cumeating videos from that master of amateur bareback porn, Paul Morris.

The first actual sexscene in the video shows off hungry cocksucker Damon Dogg blowing Tony, a hung black stud. Damon absolutely worships that cock and is rewarded with a large load of white cream straight down his throat. Watch his pace of cocksucking speed up as he senses Tony filling his mouth!

After a swamp tour, Damon's showing blowing Vladimir, a man who's purportedly 7'8 "(a large man by all means, but hard to tell exactly how large since he's seated the whole time). He sports a rather hefty uncut prick as well , with ample foreskin, and Damon savors every drop that this hung giant gives him. Next up, Vince is a skinny muscular guy who gets his face fucked by Damon. Vince jerks off a load, and Damon stops his facefucking to swallow some of that cum. He then resumes fucking Vince's mouth to give Vince a load of cream. Jesse O'Toole, sporting the largest cock in this video, fucks Damon's mouth next.

Finally, back in San Francisco, Damon's sucking cock with a couple of young buds, Matt and Chad. What's great about this scene is that it really lends itself to imaging these guys as regular buds who get together as needed for regular sucking and cum-swapping.

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