Man Watcher

Year: 1998

Genre: anal, group, muscle

Duration: 02h 05m 40s

Directed by: KRISTEN BJORN

Studio: SARAVA Production

Starring: Ferenc Botos, Kalman Faudi, Sergei Jordanov, Randy Foreman, Sandor Vesanyi, Alexei Gromoff, Atilla Sipos, Mateo Torres, Csaba Zsiros, Yuri Breshnev, Sasha Brorov, Gyula Kovacs, Zsolt Kopazs, Gabriel Garcia, Adriano Sabroso

Description: In Man Watcher, an international cast of 15 demonstrates the secret of Bjorn's success: that in his hands those too-perfect bodies and faces become human, alive, expressive, and rapturously turned-on. In a simple narrative set in subtropical Bjornland, Ferenc Botos, a tall Hungarian with a mischievous smile, plays a voyeur. He stalks gay men, follows them home, and peers through their windows or sneaks into their houses to watch them have sex, hang out, or sleep

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