Flings 2

Year: 2006

Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Cumshot, Sucking, Threeways, Twinks, Solo, Big Loads, Big Cocks

Length: 2:23:50

Director: George Duroy

Studio: Bel Ami


Tommy Hansen, Brandon Manilow, Marc Vidal, Robbie Martin, Richie Tyler, Renato Amoroso, Andre Pagnol, Kimani Arenas, Giorgio Carrera, Daniel Lautrec, Jean Lautrec, Jean Morocco


Summer-no school, no work, no worries. A time for a brief burst of romance. A perfect time for a fling.

It can happen anywhere. On a beach, Giorgio Carrera and Marc Vidal pick up Andre Pagnol for a three-way. In a market, Tommy Hansen and Brandon Manilow meet a pair of fraternal twins and bring them home.

It can happen anytime. Jean Morocco, on a break from a photo shoot, succumbs to the temptations of mega-hung Kimani Arenas. Frolicking in a pond, Marc Vidal and Tommy Hansen `s horseplay turns into foreplay.

It can happen to anyone. Suddenly, sparks fly between Richie Tyler and Renato Amoroso while on vacation. Brandon Manilow impulsively heats up his friendships with Robbie Martin and Jean Morocco.

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