Seduction of A Surfer

Year: 2004

Genre: Twinks, Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Solo, Masturbation

Length: 1:47:36

Director: Kevin Clarke

Studio: IOP Productions

Starring: Cameron Slater, RJ Taylor, Elliot Noble, Alladin, Matt James Wilson, Alan Phillips, Ian Maximillion, Jason Adams

Description: Director Kevin Clarke (one of my three favorite directors of all time) concentrates on bringing his audience into the video. He gives us close ups so close that I often find myself licking my lips and opening my mouth unconsciously, poised to pounce of a stiff twink's cock. Clarke brings realism to gay porn. Realism, honest and sensual, highly sexual and full of vitality as only late teens can be.

How do you bring realism into gay porn? Start with a straight boy. Start with a 19-year old straight boy who's never made a video before, has never touched, nor been touched by another boy before. Start with a boy with a girlfriend who just went off to college. Start with a boy who's curious and doesn't yet understand attraction between two males. Let him first see what it's all about and then give him the opportunity to personally explore another boy sexually.

Granted, Clarke's plan could easily have back fired. This boy could have freaked out, ran out the door and all the way home. But Clarke gambled on this Twink and the payoff is something I guarantee you've never seen before. You get to watch this twink getting so turned on the very first time that another boy slides his mouth down his cock that he cums (first of three orgasms in a row, without stopping) in about 15 or 20 seconds.

Cameron's an avid surfer. Coming up north to New York City once his girlfriend leaves for college, he is awe struck by the sheer scale of the city. He visits the Empire State Building and looking through a pair of sight seeing binoculars, spots RJ Tyler and Alan Phillips just starting to have sex. RJ fucks Alan in a couple different positions before Phillips loses his load all over his stomach. Tyler gets up on his knees and adds his load to the creamy mess on his new friend's chest and tummy.

Having now been exposed to gay sex, Cameron realizes that he has an attraction to other guys. As he lies in bed, visions and images of the gorgeous guys from the beach fill his head. Slowly, he starts masturbating. As the visions of barely dressed surfers continue to distract him, Cameron's stroking becomes more urgent and he brings himself to climax.

Cameron begins to wonder is any of his friends have actually "done it". He works himself almost into a frenzy as he fantasizes about two of his friends getting it on. Ian Maximillion and Jason Adams are lying on a bed. Ian starts sucking Jason as Jason returns the favor by stroking Ian's massive cock. Jason starts sucking Ian's cock. How this twink got that big cock down his throat is beyond me, but he does it effortlessly. Jason turns over on the bed and offers his cute little ass to Ian. Ian responds by drizzling lube over Jason's little pucker. Jason's tight little hole fills the screen, lube dripping over the boy's balls. Ian penetrates Jason's ass with one finger, then two. Once he's satisfied that Jason has loosened up sufficiently to handle his huge cock, Ian enters him. The expression on Jason's face says it all: Ecstasy.

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