Sunshine After The Rain

Produced in: 1996
Country: Slovakia
Genre: softcore
Duration: 01:05:00
Director: Mike Esser
Studio: Pride/Priapic

Johan Paulik, Dano Sulik, Daniel Valent, Alex Petersen, Antoine Korda (Sebastian Bonnet), Mikhail Palenki, Matthew Anders, Darren Thompson

After graduating from high school, seven young men are spending their last summer together, on a villa in the Casa Amigos, Algarve, Portugal, before going their separate ways in life. The video, using a narrator who«s supposedly Johan, introduces each by name along with giving their future plans after the holiday is over. They»re all sad to leave each other but are looking forward to the future. They«re a little concerned about Daniel Valent though. He has to report for the military draft and thus is a little concerned about his immediate future. The other guys try to cheer him up while saying good-bye to each other in a very personal way. The following scenes, which overlap each other, describe their erotic farewells to their childhood friendships.

The action begins with a very pleasurable scene of all of them horse-playing around in and out of the villa»s pool while totally naked. Great underwater shots of open legs and asses while swimming about; including a quick shot of one guy grabbing another«s floating wiener underwater. No faces were shown of these two frisky friends. Now for the serious action...

Scene 1 - Johan Paulik & Dano Sulik
Johan Paulik and Dano Sulik pair-up on the villa»s balcony and quickly take each other«s swim trunks off. It has been said that Johan and Dano are good friends in real life. This scene reveals that they definitely enjoy each other»s company in a very intimate way; as evidenced by Dano«s wick which seems glad to see Johan as it pops out of Dano»s bright, green bikini. Boy, the curves on these guy«s rear-ends. Meanwhile...

Scene 2 - Daniel Valent, Alex Petersen & Antoine Korda
Daniel Valent left the villa to go down to the beach with Alex Petersen and Antoine Korda going along to keep an eye-out on him. It doesn»t take long for Alex and Antoine to get naked and horse-play in the water. Daniel wonders off down the beach and passes Darren Thompson on his way (More on this later). After playing in the water, Alex and Antoine find a private place in the sand dunes for a little tryst. Alex looks like the experienced love-maker to Antoine«s sweet, little virgin appearance with a perky, pink groin surrounded by curly, brown pubics and a cute, hairless ass. Antoine seems to be no more than a day over the age of eighteen. A great addition to the Bel Ami stable of Euro-studs. The scene ends with Antoine falling asleep beside and wrapped around Alex in a childlike position.

Scene 3 - Johan Paulik & Mikhail Palenki
Johan Paulik and Mikhail Palenki are back at the villa, out in the backyard on the grass, exploring each other»s bodies. The viewer gets a great shot of Johan«s crotch while Mikhail kisses his way up the body. His gonads are a mouth-full along with his semi-erect boner. As Johan sits up that bloated boner flops down between his legs but not all the way. Soon Mikhail is on his back with Johan kissing around his cute, little manhood. Boy, does he know how lucky he is having Johan kissing him around that area? Most viewers would give their left... you know what! Now back to Daniel...

Scene 4 - Daniel Valent & Darren Thompson
On his way back with a bottle of Coke, Daniel runs across Darren Thompson again sunning himself while naked. Daniel, who wears a pair of black, brief-like swim trunks like no other, offers him the bottle and the rest is history; along with the swim trunks. Honestly, Daniel is truly made for sex with every muscle in his body having a specific function towards that end. As they sit up and kiss, the camera gives the viewer a great shot of Darren»s erect penis. (Who wouldn«t while kissing Daniel?) This is unusual for a Pride Video soft-core production but very welcomed. Unfortunately, Darren is the only model to give us this full-blown pleasure. The camera lens soon finds Darren»s member again, a bit later, in this sensual encounter with the sexy, stud-kitten (aka Daniel) but in a long, semi-erect condition. Then we find...

Scene 5 - Dano Sulik & Matthew Anders
Dano Sulik and his friend Matthew Anders in an open, grassy field. First, there«s Dano lying on a blanket giving the camera a lens full of his »semi« sunning itself. Looks like a long distance from the tip of the penis to the bottom of the scrotum. Then Matthew comes up and slowly pulls his shiny, silver shorts off. As he does so the camera is close enough for the viewer to get a good look at Matthew»s pecker as it springs out into the light. They«re soon on the blanket together doing their thing. During this heated activity the camera shows a black and white cat sitting in the tall grass while watching these humans play around. There»s nothing like going back to nature.

The video ends with Daniel rejoining Alex and Antoine who were still curled-up together on the sand. Daniel is now happy with his immediate future and shows it by kissing both Antoine and Alex with the greatest tongue action in this video. As usual with these Bel Ami models they truly looked as though they enjoyed kissing each other. As the credits start to roll, these three guys are seen running down the beach, with their clothes on, into the sunset.

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