Year: 2005

Genre: Light CM, "train", dildo, leather, futfetish, anal, oral

Length: 1:46:22

Director: Steven Scarborough

Studio: Hot House Video

Starring: Alex Fuerte, Kirk Ziegler, Enzo Grimaldi, Jason Ridge, Thom Barron, Christoph Scharff, Jason Kingsley, Arpad Miklos, Troy Punk, Owen Hawk, Marcos David, Marcos Pirelli, Collin O `Neal

Description: Coverman Jason Ridge finds himself in a dark sex club with hot sweaty muscle men wearing gas masks to conceal their identities. He’s down on his knees choking on a huge uncut cock while another stud wearing a Russian WW 1 gas mask watches in the distance. Jason begs for water and the Russian steps forward with a boot full, grabs his head back, and forces him to drink the sweaty, musk-filled liquid straight from the boot. The two masks come off to reveal Christoph Scharff and Collin O’Neal who immediately tag team Ridge’s freshly lubed mouth with their huge pricks. Next, they flip the scruffy Ridge onto his back so they can work him over. Collin preps his hole with his tongue and Christoph sucks on his cock, driving the stud crazy with anticipation of getting his butt fucked. They bend him over and pull a train, Jason fucking Christoph who fucks Collin. The camera pulls in underneath to show it all – two big cocks going into to tight asses while Jason’s dangles free, swinging to the rhythm of the thrusts, dripping with precum. The studs continue to fuck each other down and bust their nuts all over Ridge’s back who stands up and lets his own fly across the room. ...

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