The Back Row

Year: 2001

Length: 1:35:32

Genre: oral, anal, rimming, group

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue

Studio: Rascal Video

Starring: Kyle Kennedy, Ryan Zane, Chad Hunt, Ethan Richards, Mark Slade, Dante Foxx, Rob Kirk, Danny Lopez, Thomas Bond, and Tanner Reeves.

Description: The Back Row is a simple story of a hot looking man on the prowl. He's looking for anything and everything he can get in the way of man-to-man satisfaction, and he wanders through New York's all-male smut movie theaters to find it. And boy, does he find it! In this incredible one-of-a-kind release, Mr. Douglas' original gay pre-condom classic from 1972 has been restored and released on tape for the first time! This film has only been seen in movie theaters before now! Couple that with Miss LaRue's shot-by-shot re-make of the same film, using the same locations. Chi Chi was so blown away by The Back Row when she saw it, she just had to make her own version, and it has all the signature sexual style we know and love her for! This release is making waves in the world of gay erotica, so be sure to not miss out on a piece of history in the making!

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