Fistpack 15 -Fist Fuck

Year: 2007

Country: USA

Genre: Fisting / Handball, Tattoos, Beards, Rimming, Blacks, Double / Mutual Fisting, Jockstraps, Leather, European

Length: 2:06:47

Director: Taurus Dean / David Hempling

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios / Fisting Central

Starring: Aaron Summers, David Castan, Mason Garet, Nicolas Torri, Quixote Brandon, Taurus

Description: In the great tradition of Raging Stallion's filthy fisting movies, Fist Fuck pushes the medium even farther. There are four hole-pounding scenes featuring brand new men and a few of our favorites. Huge, wide-open holes stuffed deep with massive hands and forearms fill this movie from start to finish. Crisco and lube drip from every crevice and cover the men, causing muscles to glisten as they fist hard and deep. Fisting is the focus but this movie also contains some amazing ass-fucking unrivaled in other fisting films

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