Driving Hard

Year: 1991

Genre: Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Masturbation

Length: 1:16:44

Director: Bill Clayton

Studio: MustangV Starring: Jeff Hammond, Kris Lord, Chad Knight, Drew Kelley, Jeff Pole, Rusty Brooks, Paul Barresi

Description:Jeff Hammond--whose boy next door sex appeal always gets a rise out of me--plays a chauffeur with a limousine business that doubles as a call-boy service on wheels. Okay, the plot doesn't make much sense, but what do you expect from a porno? In the first scene, Hammond services a reluctant bridegroom (Chad Knight) who sees his imminent wedding as a death sentence. The inexperienced groom wants to broaden his life experience, so Hammond lends a helping hard-on. Next, Jeff is hired to pick up a spoiled rich kid. The thrill-seeking rich boy robs a convenience store for no good reason, but then he finds an even bigger thrill while hiding out in Jeff's bedroom. Later, Jeff parks the car in a garage while passenger Kris Lord gets a blowjob from a horny trick (Rusty Brooks) in the back seat. There's a nice set up to the blowjob where we get to watch Brooks fondle Lord's enormous package. Hammond watches the two passengers in the rear view mirror while he plays with himself. Jeff looks especially hot during his sweaty orgasm in the front seat. Meanwhile, Lord reams Brooks over the trunk of the car. Finally, after being stood up by his prom date, a lovelorn lad (Drew Kelley) takes Jeff back to his hotel room so the two guys can get trashed. They end up feeling horny, so driver Jeff gives virgin Kelley the ride of his life. Overall, the sex is fairly standard. I was hoping to see Jeff reciprocate more of the action, but he doesn't. (He doesn't kiss, and he rarely gave head in any of his movies.) Still, he's a major hottie, and he's in every scene, which makes this video a must for Jeff Hammond fans.

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