Sammy Case Superstar

Year: 2004

Genre: twinks, dads, anal, oral sex, toys, solo, outdoor

Length: 1:25:43

Directed by: Peter Z Pan

Studio: PZP Productions

Starring: Sammy Case, Danny Boy "Bigg"

Description: Meet Allboy Magazine cover-model Sammy Case. You've seen his smooth, callow form grace the covers of national magazines and big studio hits. Now see Sammy like you've never seen him before: raw, raunchy, tribal and unrehearsed.

These are the first images ever captured of Sammy on video. He's young, tender and absolutely beautiful, with a cheerful demeanor chockfull of effervescent youth. Voted Twink of the Year, he's one of the most downloaded twinks on the web; a young star in the making.

Sammy Case Superstar is the only movie out in the marketplace where Sammy appears in every single scene, not just a couple of token ones. It also contains one of the hottest scenes ever captured on video: Danny Boy rips Sammy's virgin ass wide open with his nine by seven inch cock. An edited version of this scene appeared in Seducing Sammy, but now you can see the uncensored, full director's cut with restored sound and lost footage.

This film is a must have for Sammy Case fans and twink lovers everywhere! Complete your collection with Sammy Case Superstar.

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