Dungeon Ass Poppers

Year: 2005

Genre: Oral, Anal, Dildo, Fisting, BDSM, Donination, Bareback

Length: 2:48:36

Directed by: RAY BUTLER

Studio: HDKV Starring: Dillon Press, Rafe Denim, Rob Wright, Chad Adams, Dille McFate, Kurt Wilde,

Jake Long, Lex Austin, Jason Davis, Brian Austin


Ten hot muscle men in five of the hottest, raunchiest most unbelievable scenes we've ever filmed. In fact, some of the scenes are so raunchy and extreme that some of our distributors have already informed us that they will not carry this film unless some of the w ********* s / felching action is deleted.This movie is non-stop Ass-Popping bareback and fisting action ..... even with a foot or two up a butt! These hot and VERY HORNY GUYS will "blow-you-away" and leave nothing to your imagination as they fulfill their own fantasies as well as yours!

Some of HDK's most popular models have returned for this film .... and several new, hot muscle studs appear for the very first time with only one goal in mind ..... to GET YOU UP and to GET YOU OFF!

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