Year: 2006

Genre: fisting, oral, anal, muscles

Length: 1:50:29

Director: Chris Ward

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Cast: Mattheu Paris, Derrick Hanson, Taurus, Huessein, Carlos Morales.

Description: L'actualité concernant Matthieu Paris, c'est Mister Fister. Mais la bande-annonce du film ne lui donnait pas la vedette. Nous vous proposons la bande-annonce de "ANAL TAP", où vous pourrez juger des qualités de Matthieu. Cerise sur le gâteau le casting comprend Hussein et Taurus Dean

This two hour long major movie begins with hot bod stud Derrick Hanson fisting new discovery Matthieu Paris from one end of the room to the other. Derrek, a Raging Stallion team player, knows how to have sex, and he delivers a top-shelf fisting - the kind you want to see over and over again! Matthieu, who we flew in from France for this special feature, is probably the most talented bottom on earth today - a real fister who is the best pig money can buy! But even more than his amazing ability as a bottom is the fact that this guy is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! He is without a doubt THE FISTING STAR of 2006!

Derrek fists in many, many positions and a Matthieu squeals in French - the pig that he is - always asking for more, for deeper, for harder. Finally, Derrek's arms are worn out, so he decides to shove his foot up some warm French ass! That's right - we filmed a great "footing" just for you, our regular customers!

Next up we have a classic pairing of male beauty that should not be part of a film like this. These guys are just too good looking to have this kind of depraved hand-to-ass connection. But you can never judge a book by its cover! Raging Stallion superstar exclusive Huessein (you saw him in Arabesque !!!!) takes charge as Huessein and Carlos MoralesRaging Stallion star Carlos Morales offers his ass up as an all-you-can-eat banquet. Huessein is our Arabian Stallion, and if Huessein and Carlos Moralesyou have never seen a Turkish-style fisting, you are in for a rare treat! Indeed, based on this one performance we have filmed Huessein for a huge number of fisting films to be released over the next year! This man has great skill and he delivers his fisting with a raging hard-on! It is Raging Stallion at its best and Huessein embodies everything that a Raging Stallion man should be! If we count non-fisting films as well, we have almost a dozen Huessein movies in the pipeline - so get ready for the shape of things to cum!

The Final hour of Anal Tap is the show stopper that will go down as the finest fisting scene of the year - this is where we put French Fist against French Ass! Taurus Dean is our top and Matthieu Paris is the bottom of all bottoms! His huge cock, his open hole, his beautiful face, his energy, smile, charm and charisma, carry the day and will leave you gasping. Watch as his huge hole gapes open, wider and wider with each powerful punch! Watch as his cock grows to an enormous 10 inch rock-hard shaft as Taurus goes deeper and deeper, reaching the magic elbow zone in record time! Be amazed when Matthieu shoots hot piss three feet into the air as the fisting reaches a crescendo! This is Fisting at its best!

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