Hidden camera in baseball locker room

Year: 2000

Country: Unknown

Genre: Sports locker room, shooting a hidden camera

Duration: 45 min

Translation: No

Russian subtitles: none

Directed by: Unknown

Studio: Unknown

Cast: Unidentified athletes


This is a genuine video made by hidden camera in a real baseball player locker room. There are no sexual activities in this movie. It is what you can expect to see in a sport club changing room. Naked bodies of young and good looking chaps. Are you a bit of a voyeur? Enjoy then

File size:491 MB

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Hidden.camera.in.baseball.locker.room.part1.rar (168.0 Mb)
Hidden.camera.in.baseball.locker.room.part2.rar (168.0 Mb)
Hidden.camera.in.baseball.locker.room.part3.rar (150.8 Mb)