Mystery Men

Year: 1994

Oral, anal, group, solo, fantasy

Duration: 91min

Director: Kristen Bjorn

Studio: Sarava

Starring: Sylvio Ferreira, Armando Vargas, Reinsaldo Madeiros, Gustavo Franco, Alfonso Ribeiro, Fernando Leite, Claudio Marino, Antonio Morais, Valerio Fernandes, Rogerio Peixoto, Sergio Valentin

Description: A dark thriller featuring 12 dynamite Brazilian models, and special effects photography. Kristen Bjorn once again shows a uniquely sensuous way of capturing the male animal in sexual heat! "MYSTERY MEN is not only the the best video yet from director / phographer Kristen Bjorn; in this reviewer's opinion it is also the best gay video released in 1994 ... His uniquely sensuous capturing of the male animal in sexual heat places him on top of the erotic totem pole. Both these elements, technical virtuosity and sexual fireworks are present in MYSTERY MEN ... The theme, as indicated by the title, focuses on the mysterious, almost mystic, nature of the sexual attraction that bonds men together. .. MYSTERY MEN is simply glorious. It belongs in every gay man's permanent library. Buy it, rent it, steal it, but be dammed sure to see it. "