Randy Men Handy Tools

Year: 2007

Country: Czech Republic

Genre: Muscles Action Safe Sex

Duration: 2 h 13 min

Director: William Higgins

Studio: William Higgins Productions

Cast: Ladislav Bohar, Marian borovy, Daniel Student, Rado Pauer, Jan Panenka, Daniel Karas, Jaromir Foglar, Likas Vostry, Pavel Matous, Pavel Resler, Repe Richter and Radim Vitek

Description: Bad workmen always blame their tools ... horny workmen always blame their friends' tools!

This luxury mansion is crawling with horny electricians, plumbers, decorators and cleaners as the house is given it's annual overhaul. With no-one to supervise them, these horny, young workmen are soon more interested in the tools' of their cum-filled colleagues than the contents of their own toolboxes.

The house is soon full of the sounds of guys who are really hard at work - filling, drilling, screwing and banging. the problem is, they are filling, drilling, screwing and banging each other!

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