Hot For Twinks (2008)

Categories: Oral/Anal Sex, Twinks - Young Meat, Amateurs/First Timers, Muscle, Cumshot, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Double Anal Penetration, Blondes, Outdoor Sex, Tattoos, Threesomes/Threeways, Theme: Athletes/Jocks/Sports/Working Out
Starring: K.C. Morgan, Brock West, Italy, Blake Carter, Kyle Baglie, Axel Johnson, Alex Christianson, Brad Bones, Brock Nexon, Chaz Kramer, Gavin Stone, J.D. Stone, Mitch Hart
Studio: High Drive Productions

Meet cocky cover model KC Morgan, a 19-year-old with a daddy complex! In director Brady Mayo's latest fuck flick Hot for Twinks from High Drive Productions, you get an arsenal of college guys, frat brothers, and twinks all with twitching cocks! Two completely gratuitous three-ways, plus twelve horny hotties in five smokin' hot XXX scenes! These hard-working hunks trade holes for cash and cum! "Come to daddy, KC!
Cover model KC Morgan and real-life, super-hot boyfriend Mitch Hart (of American Idol fame) are back at the gay resort and horny as fuck! The troublesome two-some start dry-humping and wrestling. Underwear gets peeled off and KC and Mitch switch off sucking cock. The action gets smoking when KC lubes up and ploughs Mitch on his back! Then Mitch gets banged sideways. When Mitch gets close to the edge, the couple flip-flops! This jizz-addicted couple is extremely versatile! Tight-end KC bottoms out on Mitch's huge dick! Mitch stuffs his buddy with his cock in three flexible positions with a vengeance! Take cover when Mitch gives KC an Oscar-worthy facial! KC's excellent cum shot doesn't suck either!
This spanking fresh three-way opens with new-cummers Brock Nexon, Blake Carter, and Italy ending a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Groping quickly leads to a triangle of cock sucking. When the action gets too hot, they return to the dorm room where Brock starts blowing both his gay teammates. The three-way orgy gets real wild when Blake bones Italy in doggy. Italy squirms and groans into submission! Then the three junior jocks shoot their loads all over Italy's face and chest! "God damn, creamier by the minute!"
Recently single JD stops by his buddy Alex's pad looking for compassion, since he just found out his boyfriend is a cheater! On the rebound, JD decides to a little stress by topping Alex in the living room. First, they strip down to their undies and Alex blows JD's impressive meat-stick. The action gets so hot, they move into the bedroom to cool off. JD blows Alex with a vengeance! Then Alex takes it up the butt! Alex sits on JD's thick cock, and then he rides it! When JD gives it to him in doggy, Alex gets a royal stuffing! JD shoots on his buddy's back. Alex rolls over and shoots all over JD's chest!
After a game of flag football on the phys-ed field, Brad admits to Gavin that he's "been chasing his tail for a long time." Then they start making out. Gavin likes the attention and starts blowing Brad's sweet eight inch cock in the wild outdoors! You can tell Gavin really loves dick! Brad leads Gavin down to the crick, bends Gavin over and rams his cock right up Gavin's crack! Gavin gets fucked standing up, bent over and all laid out on the sleeping bag! Watch them shoot yummy loads all over each other and slurp it up!
Chaz Kramer is suspicious his boyfriend Kyle Baglie is cheating on him, especially when Axel Johnson, the gay guy next door enters abruptly. After a dramatic confrontation, horny Axel decides to take the path of least resistance and starts kissing his two buddies. All three twinks swap dicks, but deep-throating Axel's 10" dick is a major challenge! Chaz and Kyle pressure Axel into submission. Axel bends and spreads for Kyle's dick and soon begins riding it! Chaz moves in and fucks Axel while Axel sucks Kyle off! You are gong to love the triple-decker sandwich, served up with some dick-tingling double-penetration! The temperature gets brutal when Kyle and Chaz give jizz-dripping facials to Axel, while he strokes his ten inches to completion! Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:34:33
Resolution: 640x480
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