Precious Subaru

This video features the cover model in 4 scenes. Subaru looks like a marginally delinquent young man on the cover, but that is not the real case - he is just a typical long-hair dandy. He doesn't even smoke, in the video scenes. The first scene is a JO scene on bed which started out as self-JO, then 2 staff appeared abruptly to JO him. In the second scene, he was in a warehouse and met with two underworld characters; and was fucked by both of them while still wearing his running shoes; this scene is good. The third scene I didn't like so much, it started as an SM scene where he was chained and collared, but it was more a scene showing off a lot of sex toys. The emphasis was on toys and fetishes, not on people or faces. Subaru was fucked by two staff very briefly towards the end. In the 4th and last scene, Subaru was top - he and another similar-looking young man wore kimonos and made love in a tatami motel room, and the camera focus was on both of them.

Format: avi
Duration: 01:49:30

File size: 1.3 GB

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