Higgins - Szolon's Fort

William Higgins is still all about the same of movies he was making two decades ago – same blonde hair and big dicks, just without the Valley Boy dialogue and single figure IQs. Actually, this one was directed by his protégé-de-jour Rosta Patrik, and it’s surprisingly hot. This coming from someone (me) whose taste in porn isn’t normally geared to the antics of Eurotwinks.

It’s a simple story, but the synopsis on the cover is confusing, making it sound like a perverted Harry Potter. I quote: “Two daredevil back-packer friends journey on in their search for new rousing, erotic adventures. Until their wanderlust leads them one day to the mystical and mysterious castle of Szolon. Szolon welcomes the handsome youths into his enchanting medieval Hostinec Lust.”

Well. It’s not like that. And no-one sings “There’s a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)” either. Dominik and Babika (these kid’s monikers are so bizarre George Lucas is kicking himself for not naming Jedi Knights along the same lines) are the happy wanderers who take a rest-stop at a local tavern (the – ahem – “fort”) run by Szolon. Rest is the last thing on their minds though, and the deserted bar suddenly deteriorates into a deepkisscockslurpassfuck session as the twink duo work themselves and us into a frenzied climax of youthful spooge.

Szolon’s been watching and invites tongue-studded Babika to join him in a little customer-relations exercise. The two get hot and sticky on the tabletops, Szolon getting his tight young Euroass pounded without mercy. When the jizz flies, grab a raincoat – coz it goes fucking everywhere!

Other guests return home for the evening and wanderlust becomes plain and simple lust, as blonde stunner Torborg (gracing the cover after an unfortunate encounter with hair clippers) frenches boyfriend Hynek Lukas in an amazing scene that shoots sparks off the screen. Slightly hairy Hynek can’t keep his hands and mouth off his best-buddy’s cock, eventually straddling it to an explosive noisy climax. Fucking wow!

Elsewhere Dessera and the truly beautiful Vaculik turn the den into a den-of-iniquity when their passions reach boiling point and two juicy cocks that are too tempting to ignore. Tattooed Vaculik takes his younger lover anally, pummeling the cum right out of him.

The fucktastic finale sees Szolon bring together Vaculik and Hynek (arguably the three hottest guys in the movie) for a no-holes-barred orgy that’ll have you licking the TV. A marathon sucksession with each deepthroating, slurping and swallowing the others like nobody’s business leads to Szolon getting his ass busted wide by both young studs, finally finishing them both off by hand. The screen practically floods with youthful ejaculations.

Brilliantly produced and photographed, the guys seem to have real chemistry for once. And as for all that uncut sausage? Yummy. These guys may have names like drug-store pain-killers,but believe me - this film sure is no pill! --Froufrou A. Gogo reviewing for TLA Video


Country: Czech Republic

Studio : William Higgins Productions, Patrik Productions

Cast: Svens Torborg, Szolon, Hynek Lukas, Dominik, Babika, Lukas Vaculik, Dan Dessera

Director: Rosta Patrik

Producer: William Higgins

File size: 1.3 GB

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