Hard Workers

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Whether it's training in the gym, picking up trash, mowing the lawn, or tuning up a car,
these hard workers know when it's time to kick back and have fun. But their kind of fun is anything but laid back - we're talking hot, sweaty, steamy sex that satisfies the horny beast within!
John Magnum is really pushing Colby hard at the gym. One look at John and the results of his intense workout are obvious, so Colby grits his teeth and punches out set after set. With every rep, the testosterone level gets higher and higher, and both men start to sport erections beneath their gym shorts. Seeing this, John decides Colby's legs have had enough, and it's time his cock had a workout. He swallows Colby's thick dick and then spins around and sits on Colby's face. Colby buries his tongue deep inside John's ass before the muscled studs move into some hot 69 action. Colby raises his ass up, and John slides his monster in his hole. This was not the workout Colby had in mind when he signed up John to be his trainer, but he is definitely not complaining. John fucks the cum out of Colby, and then splatters Colby's beard with his own. This workout isn't over yet though. John immediately orders Colby to grad the dumbbells to bang out another set of lunges. Now that's a hard trainer! We don't know what they did to earn community service, but we're glad they did it. Shawn Hunter and Alton Cox get stuck picking up trash along the side of the road. Shawn happens to find the orange jump suits quite arousing, and bumps into Alton while he's bent over picking something up. Alton drops to his knees and has Shawn's rock-hard cock in his mouth paying little attention to the curious and very jealous Jason Mark, who's been a bad-boy too. "Fuck that trash" the guys mumble as they find a nice shady spot near an old tool shed and shed the jump suits get ready to fuck. Alton bends over again revealing his tight little hole which is ready for Shawn's ram-rod. Shawn gives to him hard and fast, this way and that, until the sun goes down, literally. They shoot their loads and announce that they can't wait to pick up some more trash tomorrow. Bo Dean is tossing and turning, trying to sleep while DJ Mann is making a ruckus outside his window doing some landscaping. Bo finally has enough and tells DJ to keep it down. DJ immediately notices Bo's huge erection and let's Bo know that he's having a hard time 'keeping it down' himself. Our arborist knows exactly what Bo's tree trunk needs and gives it a wet blow job. Bo decides he'd rather plant it in something, and that something is DJ's tight hole. Bo makes DJ pay for waking him up with an aggressive fuck that leaves DJ's stomach covered in his own cum, and his face covered with Bo's. With both guys exhausted, Bo can finally take that nap. Seth Sweet is hard at work using his favorite "tool" on a car when he's interrupted by a new customer. Seth takes one look at him and excitedly says "Wow, you're Dean Phoenix. Wow. You're my favorite porn star!" Seconds later Dean is on his knees doing his best to swallow Seth's massive cock and Seth soon returns the favor. They shed their clothes and go into the break room where Dean fucks Seth's tight ass on the couch. His porn dream come true, Seth lets Dean know that this lube job will be on the house.

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