CocksureMen - Ali and Jake Andrews

Ali and Jake Andrews are already in a lip-lock when our camera first finds them. Jake’s a young, tall, beefy red head with bulging muscles and a massive dick. Ali is a ripped middle eastern stud with chiseled abs and piercing eyes. Ali can barely open his mouth wide enough to fit Jake’s whole dick in, but he sure has fun trying. After they explore each other’s bodies, Ali is most interested in getting his cock into Jake’s hairy hole. Jake lets out a moan of delight as Ali slides inside his butt bareback and pounds away. As the fuck session goes on, Ali’s energy escalates until he’s drilling Jake, giving him all he’s got. The two young men kiss passionately. Ali’s abs flex and tighten as he thrusts harder and faster – Jake loving every moment of it. With Ali’s dick still plunging deep into him, Jake blows his load all over himself. Ali follows by shooting his cum onto Jake’s hole then sliding in for more hot fucking.

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