GAY DVD - Shock Treatment (TitanMen)

Country: US
Studio: TitanMen, TitanMen Rough
Cast: Tony Buff, Andreas Cavalli, Mitch Colby, Derek Da Silva, Element, Adam Knox
Director: Tony Buff, Paul Wilde
Keywords: Age: Daddies/Men, Body Types: Beefy/Bodybuilders/Muscle Men, Body Types: Gymnasts/Ripped/Swimmers, Body/Chest Hair: Hairy and Smooth Guys Together, Butt Play: Dildos/Plugs/Toys, Butt Play: Finger Fucking/Probing, Cast's Looks: Butch/Rugged/Tough, Cast's Looks: Chiseled Face/Handsome, Cock Sizes: Big and Thick, Controversial/Disturbing, Cumshots: Eating One's Own, Dirty Talk/Verbal Abuse, Discipline/Punishment, Facial Hair: Five-O-Clock Shadow/Scruff, Facial Hair: Goatees/Soul Patches, Fetish: Bondage/Restrained/Tied-Up, Fetish: Cock and/or Ball Torture, Fetish: Electric Shock Applications/Devices, Fetish: Gut/Pec Punching, Fetish: Jockstraps, Fetish: Leather (Extreme), Fetish: Nipple Clamping/Tit Play, Fetish: SM/BD, Fetish: Sounding/Urethra Insertion, Fetish: Spitting, Hair Style: Guys with Balding or Shaved Heads, Kinky/Nasty Pig/Raunchy, Piercings: Cocks/Extreme, Piercings: Navels/Nipples/Tongues, Rimming (Ass Eating), Rough Sex ('Take it, bitch!'), Tattoos: Extreme/Full Sleeve/Heavily Inked, Theme: Dungeon/Master-Slave, Threesomes/Threeways
Genres: Controversial, Extreme Sex, Fetish/Kink

Presented fully uncut and uncensored.
"A warning from the producers: This film portrays realistic and authentic BDSM and fetish sex. These are not actors, but experienced BDSM players doing what they love to do. This is hardcore extreme sex at its most raw and most realistic, and should be viewed only by those that can handle it.
Get roped into the action as muscles twitch, skin quivers and bodies writhe in Shock Treatment, the first release in TitanMen's explosive new Rough line. Providing an intense look at a rarely seen niche of the BDSM world, it further solidifies the studio's commitment to being "First in Fetish." Watch the sparks fly as six studs led by Tony Buff (who co-directs) shock your system. We didn't invent fetish, we just perfected it!
Draped over a floating bondage table, Element's ass tempts dominant top Tony Buff, who buries his face inside his hung pup's hairy hole before giving the submissive stud a deep finger fuck, and then feeds his fingers to his sub for a taste of his own ass. After slapping his ass red, Tony turns Element over and corks his hole with a homemade brass butt plug before tightly tying him to the bench, binding his wrists, ankles and knees. With no escape, Element submits to Tony's control and gets a urethral sounding rod inserted deep into his rock hard cock.
Now eager and ready to submit, Derek da Silva is bound to the bondage table, his rock-hard cock throbbing as it awaits Tony Buff's attention. Tony proves to be a master of edge play, alternating deep sucks and strokes of Derek's cock with some slaps to his ball sack, a tormenting tease that continues throughout the scene. Derek clenches his muscles tight as his balls and stomach get abused, and he starts to moan and scream even louder when Tony uses a stun gun on his balls. Tony jacks his own big meat as he delivers the punishment, smiling as he tortures his sub: "You know you're my favorite boy to torture?"
Tony wraps copper wire around Derek's balls and wires a crank generator to them, delivering high voltage electric shocks that get Derek grunting, shaking and screaming bloody murder to near animalistic proportions. Derek gets his pre-cum fed to him before Tony strokes off the bound hunk, who continues to shout in pleasure and pain as waves of electric current course through his body. Derek slurps his own cum off of his tormentor's fingers before getting another dose of high voltage. Tony shoots his load all over Derek, whose cock is still throbbing in a hot final shot."
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Format : AVI
File size : 1.07 GB
Duration : 1h 53mn
Overall bit rate : 1 351 Kbps
Width : 640 pixels
Height : 352 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Audio #Format : MPEG Audio

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