GAY DVD - British Underwear Party 3 (Rentboy UK)

Studio: Rentboy UK
Director: Adam Bailey
Source: United Kingdom
Language: English
Cast: Craig Davies, Evan Hugh, Kris Denver, Kai Cruz, Duncan Lee, Sam Bishop, Paul Shayne, Ryko Baxter, Karl Thomas

Welcome to British Underwear Party 3 where succulent British twinks will arouse your passions with their lithe bodies, tight briefs and bulging boxers! Craig Davies and Evan Hugh fall onto the sofa in an orgy of kissing and groping. Stripped to their undies, these lusty lads work up a storm, grasping through the soft cotton fabric at the raging boners which lie beneath! After plenty of erotic foreplay, Craig and Evan indulge in an energetic session of arse-licking and a sweet sixty-nine. Craig smothers Evans face with his sexy-smalls, granting Evan plenty of time to savour his smell. Evan is an insatiable bottom boy and takes Craig's cock like a pro, bucking with every thrust before Craig pulls himself to glory over Evan's face. Evan cums on his belly before Craig mops up the slop with his pants and feeds it back to Evan! Skinny twink Kris Denver opens scene two pissing through his tight cotton briefs while Kai Cruz takes a leak in a sink before they meet in a bedroom for some twoway fun. Sucking, licking and grappling with Kris' boner, Kai soon has Kris juiced up and, with an energetic sixty-nine, these passionate-panty-perverts are soon warmed up for the main event. Kris spreads Kai's hole and drives inside with an eager tongue and, after a fine bout of arse fucking, bottom boy Kai pulls himself to a sticky finish. Kris pumps away at his arse, before blowing his load in spectacular fashion. Kai returns in scene three in an exceptional pairing with posh-lad Duncan Lee. Kai swallows down Duncan's pulsing pecker, doling out some sensational deep-throat to Duncan's todger in preparation for the blistering fuck to come! After a voracious sixty-nine, Kai fingers Duncan's hole before sliding his meat inside Duncan's hungry hole. Super-cutie Sam Bishop gets the better of Kris Denver next. After sucking dick, Kris licks on Sam's sweet little arsehole while reaching between his legs to pull on his todger. Kris then offers up his prim little arse to Sam's insatiable cock, before both spunk-sluts shoot their load across a pair of boxers on the table. Rummaging through a pile of underwear Paul, Karl and Ryko try on different pants, sliding the briefs up and over their bulging cock and balls. Savouring the flavour of their smalls, Paul suckles both lads' todgers through their pants before Ryko attends to Paul's pierced cock and Karl jerking salami. Freed from his tight briefs, Paul and Karl gang up on Ryko, spit-roasting him with a cock at each end until Paul and Karl heave their loads across his chest! With crisp panties, tight bottoms, juicy action and some sensational Brit-twink performers, British Underwear Party 3 is one hardcore party everyone's invited to!
Product Format Information
Format : AVI
File size : 1.37 GB
Duration : 2h 18mn
Overall bit rate : 1 411 Kbps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 416 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Audio Format : AC-3

File size: 1.37 GB