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Chủ đề: Straight but gay movie

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    Mặc định Straight but gay movie

    Story 1:
    Sweet straight boy Micha has just got into his hotel room, watches some television and begins to wank over a porno mag. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and a masked man attacks him, knocking him out with fumes. When he comes round, he is tied spreadeagled to the bed, gagged and blindfold, being used by his attacker. The man in the mask undresses him, licks his bare feet, forces him to suck his dick and then gives him a thorough shagging, showing no mercy. After all that, he is jerked off until he comes.

    Story 2:
    Two skaters, Tommy and Jan, are looking for a place to do some graffiti. They happen to find some barracks where they are caught by two soldiers on patrol – guys who don’t hold back with the punishment and make the two boys work hard at licking their smelly feet for starters. Tommy is then strapped to a gym horse, whipped with a belt and gets a large dildo shoved up his tight hole, followed by the soldier’s own sturdy weapon. While Tobi is spared this treatment, he gets liters of piss and cum all over him. Before the pair are allowed to leave, they have to jerk off as the soldiers watch on.

    Story 3:
    Tobi and Marcel show us dirty sex at its finest. From pissing and gobbing on each other in the bathtub to deepthroating so hard they almost puke, rimming and pounding each other to climax, it’s all on show here. You just have to see it, your eyes won’t be able to get enougher him. Before the pair are allowed to leave, they have to jerk off as the soldiers watch on.

    URL: http://www.userporn.com/video/NXqJVgM9Jwoa

    More at: http://
    Lần sửa cuối bởi Elpmis; 22-04-2011 lúc 04:59 PM

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    Mặc định Re: Straight but gay movie

    Cám ơn nhiều, mình thích thể loại này lắm, nhưng hiếm gặp quá. Tiếp tục Bạn nhé, chúc Bạn luôn vui.
    Lần sửa cuối bởi yeusaotumlongnhat; 21-04-2011 lúc 07:22 AM

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