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They are designed to burn all kinds of waste like medical, animal, poultry, sewage and wastes that are not able to be self destroying like wood, paper, industrial waste, camp waste, and large disposal sites,. etc.


We commit smoke and smell free.

1. Construction of the incinerator is with heavy – duty anodized steel and highly durable refractory cement ensuring sealed temperature, giving excellent heat retention.

2. Durable refractory material is with highly durable refractory cement being equivalent with jacket’s life, save usual maintenance expense.

3. Highly operation temperature, dense refractory cement lining rate to 1600 degree C.

4. High burn rate, fully automatic operating, set the timer and walk away, automatic control and temperature monitoring, large burn range from 5 kg to 1 ton per hour.

5. Intelligent control with sensor and protection role: control temperature and smoke.

6. Low fuel consumption, when temperature reaches to setting, oil nozzle engine is switched off by central system, that time waste burns itself by a fan so oil – less consumption.

7. With small design can be placed in small room, quiet operation.

8. Burn completely so ash is very safe to environment.

9. Emission standard: smoke free, emission exits under water vapor through treatment system by method of water absorption and maximum temperature reduction, achieving newest standard of CE certified, ISO and Vietnam’s standards. 15 to 20 years of warranty to jacket.

HDN is a member of Vietnam industrial park and urban environmental protection Association under decision No. 12/HHMTĐT

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