Material: Stainless steel
Feature: Withstand Corrosion&
High temperature
Conducting Good
No static, Flat surface, No dust
Width :5mm~400mm
Thickness : 0.05mm~1.5mm
Length :330mm or more

It’s easy to clean , hard to breed bacteria, can be used in transport food with hygienic.
The connection with special welding processing is smaller, for the band saw to cut semiconductor
wafers & marble.
For using in clean room, to carry electronics and medical supplies.
Heat-resistant characteristics can use for UV furnace resin sheet, printing substrates, parts
of electronic drying, heating and carry.
Use the characteristic of surface , to process various ceramic diaphragm resin molding. Tape
casting processing.
It’s good in thermal conductivity &characteristic of surface to use in heating, cooling,
granulation and production processing.
It can use in sealing packaging machine of foods , medicines and toothpaste in continuous
sealing packaging machine.
To use in electronics semiconductor transmission lines with no static electricity in carry.
It’s corrosion-resistant and with a pro-oil hydrophobic, almost all of the heavy oil, food oil
can be adsorbed ,is used in steel scraper machine Static electricity.