Robert Driveman plays a piano teacher in this offering from director Vlado Iresch, whose trademark is on display here in the form of beautiful European boys in action. The teacher cannot keep his hands off his students, and is soon out of his ill-fitting suit, shirt and tie for the first of them, stunning Samuel Dolce, who?s already hard and set to go. Samuel has a beautifully muscled, tanned and slender body, whilst Robert is paler, but with a hefty, long dick.

Samuel fucks Robert?s face, and then bends him over a chair to slide his cock into a willing ass. The camera closes in on the penetration as Samuel forces moans of ecstasy from Robert, then teacher sits on his tanned top?s thick pole, still wallowing in delicious pain, his asshole stretched wide. Robert stands to cream Samuel?s sleek, mustang torso and the student wanks himself to dripping orgasm.

Cast: Robert Driveman, Samuel Dolce, Marcellini Anebi, Michael Steffy, Mike Hook, Michal Kruis

Categories: Twinks ? Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Rimming

01:25:23/1,25 Gb
Quality: DVDRip

Video: 532?400 (1.33:1),25 fps,DivX Codec 4.x,1448 kbps avg,0.27 bit/pixel

Audio: 48 kHz,MPEG Layer 3,2 ch,192.00 kbps avg
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