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    Mặc định Matt Alber - End of the world

    Lyric: Matt Alber – End Of The World

    I don’t want to ride this roller coaster
    I think I want to get off
    But they buckled me down
    Like it’s the end of the world
    If you don’t want to have this conversation
    Then you better get out
    Cause we’re climbing to our death
    At least that’s what they want you to think
    Just in case we jump the track
    I have a confession to make
    It’s something like a cork screw

    I don’t wanna fall, I don’t wanna fly
    I don’t wanna be dangled over
    The edge of a dying romance
    But I don’t wanna stop
    I don’t wanna lie
    I don’t wanna believe it’s over
    I just wanna stay with you tonight

    I didn’t mean to scream out quite so loudly
    When we screeched to a halt
    I’m just never prepared
    For the end of the ride
    Maybe we should get on something simpler
    Like a giant balloon
    But I’ve got two tickets left, and so do you
    Instead of giving them away to some stranger
    Let’s make them count, come on
    Let’s get back in line again and ride the big one

    Don’t you want to fall, don’t you want to fly
    Don’t you want to be dangled over
    The edge of this aching romance
    If it’s gonna end, then I wanna know
    That we squeezed out every moment
    But if there’s nothing left can you tell me why
    That it is you’re holding onto me
    Like it’s the end of the world.

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    Mặc định Re: Matt Alber - End of the world

    ủa, cứ tưởng: "Why does the sun go on shining - Why do the stars grow above..."

    The ends of the world chứ!

    Bài này lạ!

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