Johan's Journal 3: Sex Lab (2009)

Categories: Anal, Oral, European, Safe Sex
Starring: Jean-Daniel Chagall, Ruslan Brodovich, Johnny Surabaya, Jason Knightley, Oleg Tarkowski, Jacques Briere, Kimani Arenas, Jesse Santana, Juri Tokarev, Luke Hamill, Joel D'Amici, Leon Boisen, Todd Rosset, Dano Sulik
Studio: Bel Ami

Johan brings us more horny adventures from all over the world in Sex Lab. Come watch the boys getting it on in South Africa, the UK and Europe and meet our newest star Jean-Daniel Chagall as he pairs up with Jason Knightley... Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 02:20:28
Resolution: 720x544
Size: 2.0 GB