Cum Shot Frenzy (1981-1987)

Year: 2003 Country: U.S.
Genre: gay, vintage, compilation, cumshot
Length: 1:57:46

Directed by: William Higgins Studio: Catalina
Starring: Mike Dean - Michael Christopher - Rick Kennedy

Description: This video showcases cum shot, after cum shot, after cum shot. Some are face-splattering cum shots. Some end up in a guy's mouth or across his freshly fucked ass. But no matter where it goes, the cum just never stops flying! If you're into watching guys rip their jizzy loads, this is a must have for your collection. This video was compiled by Hall of Fame Director Josh Eliot. He said, "Hey, what about a video of nothing but cum shots?" "Wow!" the Catalina staff replied, "go for it!" Josh raided the video vaults of Catalina's pre-condom action features from legendary director William Higgins. (That's why some of the cum ends up in a guy's mouth.) Cum Shot Frenzy - for the cum lover in all of us!