Rough Game

Year: 2007
Country: Germany
Genre: BDSM,Footfetish,uniform,young guys
Length: 1:49:32

Destsription: Rough Boys is a great double pack containing Rough Game and Wet Game. Wet Game is a story about German twinks gone bad in a tale of bullying, intimidation and self-gratification. When a drunken group of youths wander into an industrial estate, they stumble upon a young homeless guy. Being young and bored, the general consensus is to live up to their stereotype and beat him up. They prove what shameless bullies they really are and push him, slap him and spit on him. Totally demoralised they tie the poor lad up and drag him across the factory floor. He is suspended from a hook and roughed up a bit more. The hoodlums then make him suck their nasty cocks. His mouth is fucked with vigour as they get turned on by their illicit wrong doings. After a while they untie him and haul him to the floor where they proceed to strip him, revealing a puny white body. They tread all over him, leaving boot marks on his skin, then take their trainers off and stuff their feet in his mouth. Standing in a semicircle, they urinate all over the poor lad, soaking him in steaming yellow piss. The lad is now a shrivelled, sodden, piss drenched mess on the floor. But wait! He seems to be enjoying it. He has a hard cock and is masturbating for them. They like this and shove more toes in his mouth, which brings him and all the others to a sticky climax. Unusual and exciting!

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