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Chủ đề: Belami - Out in Africa

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    Mặc định Belami - Out in Africa

    When the crew of stunning Bel Ami guys hits the shores of Africa, the locals regard them with the same kind of curiosity and awe that the guys show the animals at a local zoo. But then, it's only natural to stare at something so exotically rare and beautiful (and that goes for the humans as well as the animals). Like all Bel Ami productions, the dudes in this cast perform with a youthful exuberance and almost manic intensity, whether they're in heated sexual action or just clowning around at a variety of African amusement parks. It's "Guys Gone Wild," except way, way better, a spring break romp that could never air on MTV.

    Marc Vidal and Yves Carradine gets things off to a perfect start when they leave the shady lanai they are lolling on and get naked in the nearby bedroom. Both of these studlets are hyper-photogenic, the action ratchets up when their shorts come off. Marc's perfectly proportioned, huge cock is the focal point for the scene. Yves has a raging hardon as he alternately sucks Marc's meat and kisses the dude, and the oral action then morphs into a divine 69, with Marc feeding his cock to handsome Yves from above. Yves' full, bee-stung lips would look great wrapped around anyone's cock, but on Marc's they look amazing. A quick close-up of Yves' enticing butthole is followed by Marc sliding his long dick deep inside it in the scissor position. Live sound captures Yves' hot, guttural moaning when the two hunks switch to the missionary position, and Marc's agility comes into play when he lifts his leg so that the view of his dick sliding in and out of Yves is stunning. Marc sprays big globs of cum on Yves flat belly in the finale, and then Yves jerks his cock while Marc kisses him, an exquisitely romantic end to a dynamite opener.

    The next sex scene is an orgy that improbably gets going when buff and tan Tommy Hansen dresses in a green wig, an apron with a couple of huge fake boobs attached to it, and a G-string (the memorable sight of Tommy fitting his uncut dick and full balls into the G-string's tiny pouch is enough to make my jeans bulge). The overall effect is like Bozo the Clown meets the French maid. On anyone else, this costume might look ridiculous, but Tommy makes it work (the sight of his shapely bare ass hanging out as he goes up a flight of stairs doesn't hurt, either). Tommy's playmates (Ethan Clarke, Brandon Manilow and Marc again) are already in bed working up their hardons, so half the work is done for him when he arrives. If Tommy had any qualms about wearing the costume, they quickly dissipate when the three dudes make Tommy their main course, with Marc and Brandon diving on Tommy's balls and cock while Ethan fucks his mouth. The oral action culminates in a daisy-chain suck, with Tommy's upturned ass foreshadowing the action to come. Marc plunges into Tommy's hairless, pouty pucker first, then in the best part of the scene, Tommy impales himself on Ethan. Soon after Tommy has Ethan's thick tube buried balls-deep in his ass, Ethan turns into a pile-driver, slamming Tommy's hole with rapid-fire thrusts from below. The finale of this scene gives us a shower of cum from Ethan, Marc and Brandon, who wet down Tommy's sculpted torso with a massive load. Tommy then delivers his pop-shot while they gather close around him and watch.

    The next scene has Brandon and Ethan cleaning up in the same bathroom. Brandon's in the shower (with a raging erection) and Ethan is in the tub (without a doubt the inspiration for Brandon's raging erection). When Brandon emerges from the shower, his rock-hard pole leads the way around the corner, and he climbs into the spacious tub with Ethan. I confess that I have a special fondness for water-related sex, and this scene works the tub and the wet studs for all they are worth. Luckily, there's a full-length mirror right next to the tub, so we get a couple of views of Brandon and Ethan's water foreplay. The hunks then move on to the bedroom and towel off, and fall into bed together. Ethan spreads his legs wide and Brandon swallows his huge cock to the hilt, all the while stroking his own erection. An asset to this scene and in fact the entire production is that director Marty Stevens leaves in some of the natural humor that sometimes occurs during sex. These moments not only bring realism to much of the action, they up the erotic ante, making the studs in the cast even more attractive, which is no small feat. In a mirror image of the scene with Tommy, this time it's Ethan who sits on Brandon's cock, and the blond stud is just as impressive in the opposite role. Later, Brandon takes Tommy from behind, and Tommy's fat cock looks good enough to eat as it lies to the side while he takes Brandon's pounding. Brandon's cum-shot in this scene is superb. Arcing over Ethan's ass and flank, it's a monster shot that drips off Ethan's side even as Brandon continues to produce spunk. Ethan's cream lands in and around the tattoo circling his navel, followed by the two sharing yet another laugh together. Before the scene fades, Brandon cums yet again -- and although the cum isn't as plentiful this time (I mean, where would it come from after that huge first load?), it's still a remarkable coda.

    The finale stars Joey Amis and Josh Elliott. Both are tawny, sinuous heartbreakers, and Joey, in particular, has a completely disarming grin that breaks out often during the action. Joey's cock and low-hanging balls drag the bed as he leans over to swallow Josh's dick, and the camera also grabs a captivating shot of his furry asscrack, with the slightest hint of the tight hole buried within. Josh takes full advantage of the invitation, burying his hardon in Joey's butt from behind, then doggy-style, and all the while Joey flashes that debilitating smile. At one point he does it while Josh is fucking him, in an over-the-shoulder backward glance that probably would have lesser men (okay, maybe me) cumming right then and there. But Josh is a real trouper, and he is far from through, moving Joey into the missionary position and fucking him anew. Josh thrusts hard and then pulls out and lets his load fly, and one of his spurts even hits Joey in the face. Joey's juice is so thick that it covers the head of his cock when he creams, and, astoundingly, his grin is even bigger and better after he cums.















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    Thanx Silence nhé!

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    Cai nay la Out in Africa 2 mà.
    SOS đua hình lộn rùi.
    Nhưng phim thì quá ok

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