Pleasure Mountain VHSrip 1984

Year: 1984
Genre: twinks, oral, anal, group, vintage
Length: 1:27:53
Directed by: Larry Bronco
Cast: Benny, Clark Mann, Joey Perkins, Randy Page, Rick Donovan, Kyle Saunders Plot? What plot? The point of this film isn't to give you plot - it's to show guys who are barely 18 (and who look 15) fucking, sucking, jerking off and cumming! None of these kids is really stunningly cute, but they all have a gee-whiz innocence about them and some BIG HUGE DICKS. Set mostly in a nice cabin loft, it starts out with Clark jacking off while watching Joey naked next to him, then cums while reading a porn mag. Joey exits a shower, climbs to the loft, then shoots twice at the camera, almost falling off the railing. While Clark and Joey get it on in the background, Randy and Kyle find the bed. Kyle fucks Randy like no tomorrow, then Randy tops Clark. A great four-way ensues, with everybody getting something. Scotty and Skip fuck and suck while Joey jacks off on a cliff above them. Joey joins them in a long scene with several good loads and a brief scene with Joey topping Scotty while he tops Skip. Benny appears with a huge dildo, in a three minute scene with no cum shot. Donovan comes out of nowhere, jacking off in bed and biting his lip to a tiny load, in the ending solo. A few good fuck scenes and loads, and Randy Page is always great to watch.
Quality: VHSRip
Format: MPEG
Video: MPEG1, 320x240, 1151 kbps, 30 fps
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 2, 44100 Hz, 224 kb / s, Stereo
Size: 878 MB


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