English Reading Club. Elementary Level 2009 | 1.64 GB

The program "English Reading Club" - this is a real digital library, designed for different levels of language proficiency. The whole course consists of 12 books in English, including works of Oscar Wilde, Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker and others. Functions of the program provide an opportunity to not only read but also listen to (all texts are voiced by native English speakers) as well as train the pronunciation by recording your voice through a microphone. In addition, the end of each chapter there is a special assignment to develop basic language skills: reading comprehension exercises, grammar binding, activation of new words, prediction of the plot, etc.
"English Reading Club" (Club reading in English") is designed on three levels: Beginner, Elementary and Intermediate. In essence, this program is not just a library, but the whole tutorial through which you can easily and unobtrusively to improve their English.
System requirements:
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP / Vista
CPU Pentium III 750 MHz or equivalent Athlon
256 MB of RAM
10 MB of free hard disk space
Video card with 16 MB memory (RivaTNT2)
Sound Card
A device for reading DVD-ROM drive
Microphone and speakers (or headphones)

Link Download: