AWR Design Environment 9.01.4875.3 x86 & x64

AWR Design Environment 9.01.4875.3 x86 & x64
English | Windows | AWR Design Environment 9.01.4875.3 x86 & x64 | 650.44 MB

CAD\CAM Microwave Office RF/microwave design software is the industry's fastest growing microwave design platform. Microwave Office has revolutionized the communications design world by providing users with a superior choice. Built on the unique AWR high-frequency design environment platform with its unique unified data modelT, Microwave Office offers unparalleled intuitiveness, powerful and innovative technologies, and unprecedented openness and interoperability, enabling integration with best-in-class tools for each part of the design process.
Microwave Office design suite encompasses all the tools essential for high-frequency IC, PCB and module design, including:
Linear circuit simulators
Non-linear circuit simulators
Electromagnetic (EM) analysis tools
Integrated schematic and layout
Statistical design capabilities
Parametric cell libraries with built-in design-rule check (DRC).
AWR Advantage
Faster time to market:
Reduces design cycle time associated with the design of high-frequency and microwave products
Concurrent design flow that bridges circuit, system, and physical design considerations
Accurate high-frequency and microwave analysis for high-performance designs
Right the first time:
Correct-by-design, error-free layout
Quick learning curve:
Expedited learning curve as a result of AWR's intuitive user interface Design Environment 9.01.4875.3 x86 & x64.part1.rar.htm Design Environment 9.01.4875.3 x86 & x64.part2.rar.htm


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