Soundtrack Loops - Classic Lounge Producer - Cafe Royal (Wav) | 492MB

Soundtrack Loops & Bus Loops Present: Classic Lounge Producer - Cafe Royal. With Classic Lounge Producer you get laid back basslines,bombastik basslines,crunching beats and ethereal musical phrases for you to drop into the mix or mash up to your own requirements for the production of Chill Out,Lounge & R&B. Total of 182 loops

:58 Basslines
:43 Beats
:54 Music Phrases
:30 Extra Sounds

About the producer:
Cafe Royale originally released tracks under the brand name "Sabretooth", however another artist was also working under the production alias "Sabretooth" albeit in the harder genres of the dance music scene so the chill out artist "Sabretooth was rebranded "Cafe Royale". Many commercial releases under both brand names have resulted in a large number of placements on Chill Out compilation across a variety of record labels.