Platform Virtualization Oracle VM 3.1 | 2.79 GB

Oracle VM 3.1 - a product for the deployment of virtualization solutions, built on Oracle Enterprise Linux and hypervisor Xen. The basis of the Oracle VM consists of two components Oracle VM Server for servers and virtual machines to Oracle VM Manager management node. The product is aimed at simplifying the support of virtual infrastructures, organizations centrally manage and deploy enterprise applications software for virtual and physical servers.
The package includes over a hundred templates to quickly create virtual environments that take into account the specifics of different applications. Oracle VM is available for free download and does not require the use of royalty-free.
The new version involves Linux-kernel Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 2. To simplify the execution of tasks through a web-based interface produced several new wizards to generate the virtual machine settings and environments. Added support for adding additional virtual CPU to running virtual environments. New features for configuring storage: added support for external NFS-sections, improved built-in backup and disaster recovery, possible to copy and move based on the iSCSI storage and Fibrechannel from one cluster to another. An integration with the products of Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center.