Mac OS X - Lion v10.7.4-HOTiSO

Mac OS X - Lion v10.7.4-HOTiSO
Size: 3.88 GB
People have been doing the same things on computers for years. Clicking. Scrolling. Installing. Saving. With OS X Lion,..
we've challenged the accepted way of doing things by introducing new features that change the way you use a computer. Multi-Touch gestures transform the way you interact with your Mac, making all you do more intuitive and direct. Now an even richer Multi-Touch experience comes to OS X Lion. Enjoy more fluid and realistic gesture responses, including rubber-band scrolling, page and image zoom, and full-screen swiping. OS X Lion offers systemwide support for gorgeous, full-screen apps that use every inch of your Mac display. You can have multiple full-screen apps open at once - along with multiple standard-size apps. And it's easy to switch between full-screen and desktop views


* Resolve an issue in which the "Reopen windows when logging back in" setting is always enabled.
* Improve compatibility with certain British third-party USB keyboards.
* Addresses permission issues that may be caused if you use the Get Info inspector function "Apply to enclosed items." on your home directory. For more information, see this article.
* Improve Internet sharing of PPPoE connections.
* Improve using a proxy auto-configuration (PAC) file.
* Address an issue that may prevent files from being saved to an SMB server.
* Improve printing to an SMB print queue.
* Improve performance when connecting to a WebDAV server.
* Enable automatic login for NIS accounts.
* Include RAW image compatibility for additional digital cameras.
* Improve the reliability of binding and logging into Active Directory accounts.
* The OS X Lion v10.7.4 Update includes Safari 5.1.6, which contains stability improvements.