Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (1201NL/1201N) v2

Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (1201NL/1201N) v2 | 5.96 GB

Netbook or 1201N 1201NL (Intel Atom processor 330, Intel Atom N270)
1) are 4 (N-model, NL-model 2 cores) core (2 + 2 real gipertreydingovyh), with the corrected DSDT working mother with no sur menedzhment NullCPUPowerManagment.kext
2) Video ION GF9400M works with all possible accelerations
3) ALC269 sound working through the patched AppleHDA.
4) Built-in Wifi module Atheros 9285 (AR5B95) works for the Russian version of the netbook, in the modes of B / G / N
5) Built-in network card is Atheros Lan-8132 through AtherosL1C.kext
6) Built-in SD reader
7) Built-in Webcam
8) VGA monitor output.
9) HDMI output (only video, audio over HDMI is not transmitted).
10) Built-in Bluetooth (does not work on 1201NL off)
11) x86_64 kernel with a patched kernel, from the Tea
12) He goes to sleep when you close the panel and vklyuchaetsya at the opening. (I wake up with the power button is pressed)
13) restart / shutdown
14) Low battery indicator
To install:
1) setting the BIOS to the default translation
2) Load Windows, (delete if is Macdrive) mount the image in Daemon Tools or similar program, install R-Drive (instalnik on the way).
3) Separate the end of the partition with Windows more than 25.5 GB.
4) Start R-Drive, click Restore (restore), select the image MacOSX.arc (located on the way), click on the top rectangle with the words "MacOSX" and the lower rectangle labeled "Unallocated"
5) Click Next (below) MUST select Primary (Active), then, to recover.
6) After the restart process and load netbut MakOSKH
7) We use the
Password: 123
Illustrations for the installation
If suddenly there is no sound:
Cases of manuals
1) Download
2) double click on the two archives, and as a result imee two kexts on the desktop
3) select both and throw in the kexts utility (or a copy with the replacement of a folder / System / Library / Extension / and run the utility kekst) Extras. Information:
After falling off sleep ethernet. To run the desktop is the solution I've found
If the netbook is not 3 GB of RAM, run from the folder DSDT appropriate amount of memory a script and perezagruzhaem.Pro trackpad:
I put myself under his (As it turns out there are several variants on this beech)
works for me:
impact on the touchpad (click left), hit two fingers (pressing the right), keeping two fingers (scrolling wheel that is)
other gestures have not tried it because I do not know their
other drivers look at the options
hidden text
The increase in the section:

Differences from the previous distribution
A. More convenient and reliable installation
Two. Installed the latest drivers
Three. Updated system for 08/01/2012
4. The smaller size of the archive (old size distribution: 7.67 GB, new size: 5.96 GB)
Five. Fixed my blunted with kextstore, which is not allowed to install kexts in ekstruPochemu size did not come out even lower:
as it turned out just to upgrade from 10.6.3 to 10.6.8 does not work.
no picture = (
had first to 10.6.7
and then to 10.6.8


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