Double Trouble (2002)

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Starring: Samoth, Erik Lenn, Eric Michaels
Studio: Grapik Art Productions

The Master proceeds to paddle whip the holy shit out of the screaming Erik, who is restrained with his head in a guillotine. When asked, "do you want to get your head shaved, bitch?" Erik responds, "Yes, sir!" After his head is bald as a cue, Erik suffers another brutal beating, followed by being strapped to a punishment table with an execution mask covering his head. The cam lovingly scans Erik's hirsute, muscular body, his beautiful cock/balls and hairy fuckin' crotch. Never mind, Master Samoth shave off every bit of it. Samoth then climbs aboard for a hot 69 and then jerks off his slave to a cataclysmic orgasm. Master Samoth then stands over his "bitch" and releases a torrent of cum all over his body.
On the other side of the dungeon, we find Slave, Eric Michaels, bound and blindfolded in a cage. "I've been saving my love for you all week," he tells a grateful Eric. He force-feeds Michaels some hard dick before releasing him, suspending Eric, standing, while he teases his butt hole with a dildo and squeezes the bitch's balls (dick is standing at attention). Next, Eric endures a brutal cat-o-nine tales beating, screaming for mercy. This utter cruelty lasts for quite a while until Eric is exhausted, but then begging for more.
I've reviewed Eric Michaels in a Raging Stallion video, in which he endures some rough S&M, but nothing like this! The blows inflicted sound so severe that even, I was flinching. After the obligatory clothespins are placed on Eric's body, knawing at his tender skin, they are brutally removed by the Master. He then subjects Michael's butt hole to a vicious butt fucking, using a large dildo on a handle. "Eat this dick, bitch. Come on, you fuckin' pig, eat that fuckin' dick!" As the dildo goes deeper and reaches the prostate, Eric begs, "please use me, sir...please use me!!!!!!" When Samoth cums, it is a violent flow of semen that nearly drowns slave Michaels.
For you S&M aficionados, this is some brutal shit. I was just surprised that the balls (so vulnerable) were not slapped into next week - that would have been hot. But for this type of movie, "Double Trouble" was well made and should be very popular among those who are truly into this scene. Enjoy!..

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