Autodesk AutoCAD Structural Detailing v2013-ISO

Autodesk AutoCAD Structural Detailing V2013 [32bit-63bit].|

AutoCAD� Structural Detailing software is a version of AutoCAD� software specifically designed for structural drafting and the creation of steel and concrete reinforcement detailing and fabrication shop drawings. This structural engineering software application supports the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process for engineers, drafters, detailers, and fabricators.


3D Reinforcement Enhancements
AutoCAD Structural Detailing displays reinforcement and reinforced concrete element geometry in 3D views. This 3D visualization enables structural engineers and drafters to check if reinforcement is properly defined. It also helps engineers and drafters to identify reinforcement bar collisions and errors in the placement of steel reinforcement.

Bolt, Nut & Washer Positioning
Structural engineers and drafters can easily create, modify, and update bolt connections and position bolts, nuts, and washers to help streamline the design process.

Intelligent Structural Objects
Structural engineers and drafters can create structural steel models or rebar drawings using intelligent objects, such as beams, plates, columns, walls, and reinforcement bars, rather than lines and curves. Engineers and drafters can virtually cut, lengthen, bend, split, and merge objects, as well as automatically update material takeoffs.

Automatic Generation of Views & Details
AutoCAD Structural Detailing enables structural engineers and drafters to prepare shop drawings by automatically generating sections and elevations, complete with dimensions and descriptions.

Automatic Generation of Shop Drawings
Generate comprehensive workshop drawings with single parts and assemblies. AutoCAD Structural Detailing software also generates schedules and material takeoffs. When design changes are made, the software enables structural engineers and drafters to streamline time-consuming updates of descriptions and dimensions, providing better data coordination throughout shop drawings sets.

Customizable Detailing & Shop Drawing Styles
Customizable styles enable engineers and drafters to more freely adjust the look of final shop drawings. You can change almost any aspect of the drawing, including descriptions, symbols, dimensions, and tables, adding greater flexibility. Create new styles or modify existing ones to make drawings look exactly how you want them to look.

Automatic Drawing Creation
The method of arranging, grouping, and justifying the elements in automatically generated drawings enables structural engineers and drafters to produce higher quality drawings with better overall organization. Automatic drawing generation also creates lists of elements that are not subject to machining, as well as elements that have vertical and flat cuts at their ends.

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Steel Connections Enhancements
The Steel Connections feature can provide additional parameters that help structural engineers and drafters to define the size of undercuts to the upper/lower plane of the adjoining element in beam-to-beam connections. For beam-to-beam connections with rib plates, you can modify the location of the connecting rib on the right or left side of the adjoining element.

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