Mr. Footlong's Encounter VHSRip 1973

Year: 1973
Country: United States
Genre: Vintage, Anal, Oral, All Sex
Length: 1:10:24
Language: English
Starring: Antonio, Duncan, Rob Stevens, Dan Davis, Louis Gomez, Bob Avers
Description: Duncan, a handsome black man with a large dick and a gentle nature, is a very skillful fucker. He lives with his lover, a butch, bearded Caucasian man. The white guy brings a trick back to their luxurious home in the Hollywood Hills, only to have Duncan steal him away. This naturally causes some tension. Such a simple story, but timeless nonetheless.
The lover gets with the trick at the beginning of the film, and they fuck beside the pool. Inside the house meanwhile, two of Duncan's black friends are having a discussion about cock. Duncan happens by and encourages them to fuck, which they do, pounding hole intensely and hard. This scene is one of the film's best, full of excellent ass-fucking closeups and honest, sweaty passion from the horny actors.
Duncan later joins the duo outside and makes it a threeway, plowing hole with his titular 12 "member. After the fun is done, Duncan storms off, mad at his lover. He catches the gardener masturbating through his overalls and returns the compliment, beating his own dick by the fence while watching.
A friendly neighbor stops by, inviting Duncan to "play with his ass." D. is more than happy to oblige. Titplay and nut-pulling progresses to mutual blow jobs (which ain't easy for the gardener, given Duncan's size) before Duncan plunges the dude's wastepipe.
The film ends with the lovers consoling one another and having a little make-up sex. The white guy puts his toes into Duncan's mouth, then climbs on Duncan's dick, riding that long pole in a number of positions.
Billed as the first-ever black gay porn feature, this is an engaging flick, strong on fucking. Despite the stereotypical tag "Mr. Footlong," Duncan is presented as a thoughtful, sexually liberated man. On the whole, this is a very tender piece. The actors express genuine interest in one another, and the sex is passionate and vigorous, not the typical wham-bam porn producers usually crank out.
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