Heatstroke 1982

Directed: Joe Gage
Year: 1982
Time: 87 minutes
STARRING: Casey Donovan, Clay Russell, Clinton Coe, Roy Garrett, Richard Locke, Richard West, John Steele
Description: Cutie Roy Garrett, one of a group of ranch hands under the purview of bearded daddy / boss Richard Locke. He and his buddies are given a free weekend, as the rodeo is in town and Locke wants them to enjoy themselves for once. Garrett takes his tight little ass into town for an evening walk. He ends up in a dirty bookstore where he is propositioned by a female peepshow performer. He decides to get some change and make his way into the grimy back rooms. The woman dances for Garrett, tempting him with offers of sexual favors for a few bucks. Garrett gives her some cash and she rubs it on her hairy bush. She shakes her small titties in some kind of handless come hither; Garrett pushes his face through the opening in her booth and sucks on her cunt. He does it rather sensually. Meanwhile, two butch dudes, clad appropriately in denim and plaid, jack off together while watching the scene through a glory hole. While the loud, robotic music is rather annoying, the scene builds nicely from hetero activity to man-on-man climax, with the mystery cowboys working their poles to creamy, juicy orgasm. Next, ex-Marine Clay Russell visits Richard Locke; it seems that Russell was once married to Locke's wife. After some double entendre-laden flirtation, disguised as two buddy's chatting about marital frustration, Russell goes down on Locke's larger-than-life cock. Locke repays the favor like a wild animal, grunting and growling as he slides Russell's shaft down his throat. Locke lets loose in Russell's mouth and spills some seed on his' stache-sadly, Locke's thick, salt-and-pepper beard stays cum free. The films descends into the surreal for the next section, with Casey Donovan babbling naughty scenarios like a stoned slam poet over rapidly edited footage of slick cocks going in and out of mouths. One of the performers in this segment may be black, but it's quite difficult to tell with all the shadows, strange camera angles, and talk of fathers and sons fucking in a shower (seriously, this is but one of the ridiculous fantasies put forth by Donovan). Two more scenes of oral sex between hard-up men follow. They lead nicely into the finale, an orgy featuring all the ranch hands and big boss Richard Locke. Locke gets his avuncular ass pummeled by little Roy Garrett as the other five or six guys lick dick and circle jerk.
Size: 1.4Gb

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