Multiboot DVD Recovery Tools Multilingual-KuPuTeam

Multiboot DVD Recovery Tools Multilingual-KuPuTeam | 1,4 Gb

This assembly will greatly facilitate your crap about the resuscitation of your PC!
With this build, you can effortlessly, format the hard drive, clean your PC from viruses, test the RAM and HDD for errors, make backups of data and its not all!
The main feature of this assembly in a Live CD which is able to almost everything!
The assembly:
1: Rus Live CD - the best (according to the author) live cd as it has everything you need for resuscitation!
2: Acronis DD Home 11.0.216EN - A very common tool, it is designed for various operations with your hard (such as format, delete, sklemvanie sections, etc.).
3: Victoria v3.51 Rus - test HDD (SATA, IDE).
4: Memtest86 - RAM test for errors.
5: PING 3.01 - LiveCD-distribution that allows for counting the hard drive to back up data, recover deleted files, revive the BIOS.
6: GeexBox MediaCenter 1.2.3 Rus - a very handy thing! You can listen to music and watch video without the OS!
1: Dr.Web 4.44
2: Avast BART CD
P.S. - They are loaded on their own (no need for an operating system installed)
P.S. - Installing the wind is not here! This assembly of resuscitation!
P.P.S. - Do not forget to click "Thanks!"

DVD Recovery tools by KuPuTeam.iso
CRC32: 594AA388
MD5: 45B5EE0174A318C2327A8B17899236BD
SHA-1: ED6EBC5C88F3C62931E629D15267EEDCE5A22B31

Additional Information:
The process of using:
1 - Write the image to a DVD via UltraIso or the like.
2 - Boot from the BIOS!


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