USB Flash Drive For Self-Installing Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 Build 11E53

USB Flash Drive For Self-Installing Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 Build 11E53 | 3.89 GB

In an extreme situation, say a Mac is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe the Mac of all its data and contents with the help of iCloud
System requirements:
- A computer with a processor Intel.
- 64 bit platform.
- 2GB of RAM.
- Windows to create a stick.
- USB flash drive 8 gigabytes or more. At 4 does not intermeddle.
Language: English + Russian
License: Freeware
New features of the operating system:
Launchpad - Management (folders, desktops) and run your application in the style of iOS
Full-screen applications
Mission Control - unites in a Dashboard and Expose, and becomes the center of the window management applications, desktops and so on.
Gestures & animations - new multitouch gestures
Auto-Save maintaining operational status, even after logging out
Versions - Time Machine for documents - manage document versions in two mouse clicks
Resume - saves the state of your Mac after a reboot, including all applications, websites and documents
Mail 5 - new e-mail client in the style iPad
AirDrop - Instant wireless transmission of documents
Lion Server - server version is now built into Mac OS X LionSozdanie stick:
A. Mount the image 1074_usb.iso
Two. Install R-Drive (in distribution)
Three. Format the flash drive, run R-Drive.
4. Click Restore, choose 1074_USB.arc (located on the way), click on and select the Primary (Active), click create.
If you swear, saying the section is busy, simply remove the USB drive letter of the partition
hidden text
Five. Boot from the stick.
Select 1074_USB
Begin the installation
After installing the new boot from USB drive and select the specified maximum.

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