Renault Dialogys 4.6 Multilingual

Renault Dialogys 4.6 Multilingual | 10.91 GB

Dialogys includes everything guidance on repair, diagnostics, and parts catalogs for all models of cars to Renault. Circuit wiring in this program.
Tehnoty MRy and a French car after about 1996. release.
Knock on the car VINu if you are not the dealer, DO NOT POSSIBLE!

Extras. Information: Set:
Two. DVD1
Three. DVD2
4. DVD3
Five. DVD4
(comply with the order)
Who is the program under Dacia wants to see a list of models, we make the following procedure:
find in the folder X: \ Dialogys \ data \ pr file ListeDocDacia, open in notepad and then "modele =" line is entered: 37-38-39-40 and save!

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