T-Flex CAD 11.0.31 + Add-Ons

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The system of T-FLEX CAD 11 - new and effective tools for comfortable work design
The system of T-FLEX CAD 11 includes a means of drawing 2D-, 3D-design, modules, finite element and dynamic analysis. The new version of CAD T-FLEX CAD sold more than 200 improvements suggested by users of the system. The new system offers the user a set of tools that are not available in other programs of similar purpose.
Some of the advantages of CAD T-FLEX CAD 11:
. The user commands are now available strain that could change the shape of objects in different ways. Many teams have found 3D-modeling of the ability to dynamically show the operation. There are new options are projecting - so when you create a projection of the body, resulting straightening sheet models are automatically generated projections of the axes of flexion.
. Connectors - new "smart elements" in the model - are themselves able to select features and seat parts. This greatly simplifies the positioning of the fragments and the choice of their parameters when designing assemblies. Library of standard parts supplemented by the possibility of using connectors, also established a new library, "Connections between pipes," containing over 200 items.
. Improved variable editor now allows you to sort, group, and import data. The tree model is able to display detailed information on the objects - this provides additional visibility and allows a comprehensive analysis of the model.

. The program interface is upgraded both in appearance and structure. Now the main panel can contain a set of commands, user-customized to your needs, or the commands required in the context of the currently solved the problem. Become acquainted with all the wealth of features T-FLEX CAD 11 will help the new training material built into the system and allows you to gradually learn the functionality of the program.
In the system of T-FLEX CAD 11 can import and export data in formats IGES, STEP, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, and Rhinoceros. When you work with graphics formats DWG / DXF are supported by the data in AutoCAD 2008.
Demands on system resources compared to the previous version in some cases decreased by 4-5 times. Through the mechanism of enhanced multi-threading performance on multicore processors and multiprocessor workstations.
Supports 64-bit architecture allows the use of large amounts of RAM, which is much faster to work with large models. In the eleventh version of the program uses the latest core geometry Parasolid 19.1 - in this version adds new features, improved algorithms for the implementation of solid-state operations. T-FLEX CAD 11 is fully supported on Windows Vista.
Extras. Information:
Extras. Information: Torrent perezalit 27/09/2010. Added additional modules:
Machine-tool accessories 3D 11.0.31 x86
Machine-tool accessories 2D 11.0.31 x86
Standard elements of 3D 11
Standard elements of 2D 11
T-Flex NC 11.0.31 x86
T-FLEX cutting 11.0.31 x86
T-FLEX PCB 11.0.31 x86
T-FLEX Dynamics 11.0.31 x86
T-FLEX Analysis 11.0.31 x86
T-FLEX NC Tracer 5D 11.0.31 x86
T-FLEX NC Tracer 3D 11.0.31 x86
T-FLEX NC Tracer 2D 11.0.31 x86

Release Date: 2010
Version: Build 11.0.31
Developer: Top System
Bit depth: 32bit
Compatibility with Vista: only x86 (32-bit)
Compatible with Windows 7 only x86 (32-bit)
Medicine: Present
System requirements: Minimum
Operating System: WINDOWS XP
Main Processor: Pentium III - 1500 MHz or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB
Operating System: WINDOWS XP, Vista, 7
Main Processor: Pentium 4 or equivalent
RAM: 1 GB or more