Propellerhead Reason 5.0.1 (WinAllStandalone) - PORTABLE

Propellerhead Reason 5.0.1 (WinAll\Standalone) - PORTABLE
(Eng\Ger\Fr\Jap) | [746,5 MB]

*Fixed Version, WinAll-32\64bit*

Please read FIRST some detailed infos at the spoiler about this portable, before post comments like "why it's only 700 MB?" etc.:PORTABLE DETAILS:

For the first time, Reason (5.0.1) can directly sample audio with any of its sample-playing instruments such as the Redrum, the NN-19, the NN-XT, and the Kong Drum Designer. The Dr. Rex loop player has been given an overhaul and is now called "Dr. Octo Rex" and can play up to eight sample loops (one at a time), and includes many new features for editing the loops and individual clips. New to the program is the "Kong Drum Designer," a 16-pad device that can create drum and percussion sounds using various sound production techniques, including physical modeling, sample playback (the "NN-Nano" module), and virtual analog synthesis. Signature Patches created by well known Reason users have been added, including patches made by Two Lone Swordsmen, Vengeance and Richard Barbieri. Finally, a new pattern editing tool called "Blocks" has been created for easier song arrangement and mixing.

Just run with the "Reason.exe" (!Win7 users with Adminrights!)
At the first start take this Serial (from "Team AIR"):

That's it!
(btw. "ReFillPacker" is also included, just go to the dir. and click the "ReFillPacker.exe" if needed)