LinuxCBT - PostgreSQL Edition (2011)

LinuxCBT - PostgreSQL Edition (2011)
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Genre: eLearning
LinuxCBT DBMS Edition feat. PostgreSQL focuses on the implementation of PostgreSQL DBMS.

PostgreSQL is a widely used open source ORDBMS engine due to its: non-commercial implications flexible license long academic development history @ UC Berkeley object-oriented and relational nature cross-platform prowess and considerable scaleability.
If you are/will be responsible for PostgreSQL and/or an environment of SQL flavors (MS SQL Oracle MySQL etc.) broaden your knowledge of SQL implementations by exploring PostgreSQL. The benefits will be realized in any SQL arena.
Let LinuxCBT DBMS Edition feat. PostgreSQL cost-effectively strengthen your SQL skills.

Recommended Prerequisites for LinuxCBT DBMS Edition feat. PostgreSQL:
Basic Experience with Linux | Unix or any LinuxCBT OS Course /EL|SLES|Deb/)
Open mind & determination to master Linux and related open-source applications
Basic understanding of networking concepts
Access to a PC to follow the exercises