NI Reaktor 5.6.2 - 5YNERGY

NI Reaktor 5.6.2 - 5YNERGY
English | Mac | NI Reaktor 5.6.2 - 5YNERGY | 748.63 MB

this is NI Reaktor 5.6.2
1 unzip the installers and patch folders
2 run the installers in order
3 run patch
THEN once this is done open batch mod and drag the Reaktor from Applications/Native Instruments/Reaktor 5 into the main window of batch mod and then apply the following settings
here is a brief explanation of how to set up batch mod
1. set 'Owner' and 'Group' drop downs to '---------'
2. set R, W, and X. boxes to show a tick not just a dash.
3 tick boxes for Change ownership and privileges, Clear ACLs (10.5+) and Unlock. DO NOT TICK Clear xattrs.
4.Tick the box for Apply to enclosed folders and files
5. click apply and authenticate with your password.
6. have a party because massive is working.
7.thank Team ASSiGN for providing the release
8. if you use the program and you make money from it BUY IT to fund further research and development into the plugins we love.
Ok, so we know this isn't perfect because you still have to use batch mod, but! when we work out how to do this without batch mod we will include that in an update to this patch. like we said this is just a little project to move the files to the right place in a hope to make your lives a tiny bit easier. Reaktor 5 5YNERGY.part1.rar.htm Reaktor 5 5YNERGY.part2.rar.htm


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